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Campaign & Political Consulting

When the West Hollywood City Council approved ACG-entitled Arts Club, a private membership club founded in 1863 in London by Charles Dickens, influential and well-funded outside interests came to West Hollywood, circulated a referendum to rescind the Project’s approvals and placed “Measure B” on the City’s ballot. In order to preserve the project’s approvals, The Afriat Consulting Group had to convince a majority of West Hollywood’s voters that they should vote “Yes” on the measure. This was the first time a development project had ever been on the ballot in West Hollywood, which in any normal circumstance would present unique challenges, but with a well-funded and influential opponent, a path to preserving The Arts Club’s entitlements initially looked tenuous.


Opponents of The Arts Club began spreading false information and misrepresenting the project with the hopes of blocking The Arts Club, but ACG wasn’t about to let the project go down without a fight. That’s when the Residents to Preserve the Sunset Strip, a broad local coalition of supporters of the project, called on ACG to save The Arts Club, which is slated to provide over 13 million dollars in community benefits once built.  The ACG team ran an overwhelmingly successful “Yes on Measure B” campaign, winning more than 60 percent of the vote. ACG called upon our 30+ years of experience in running campaigns, built an extensive coalition of validators and supporters, managed the media, and corrected the false information opponents spread about the project, leading ultimately to victory.

Campaigns & Political Consulting