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Land Use and Development

When the Hard Rock Café sought to open its new location in the heart of Hollywood at Hollywood and Highland, the company spent 18 months going through the approval process for a Conditional Use Permit (CUP). Unfortunately, the company’s consultant did not get the approvals Hard Rock needed, and six months before a scheduled opening Hard Rock was handed a CUP that restricted capacity to half of what Hard Rock needed, prohibited live entertainment and slapped on more than a dozen additional conditions that would have made it impossible to operate. The Afriat Consulting Group was brought in to wind back the clock on the CUP process and get the prohibitive conditions removed before opening day. Working with leaders in the City Planning Department and the local Councilmember, ACG got two letters of correction to the CUP and helped Hard Rock navigate through the Building and Safety Department, the Fire Department, and the Los Angeles Police Department. Hard Rock opened, as scheduled, to tremendous fanfare thanks to the efforts of ACG.


Fast-forward a few years and the Hard Rock Café reached out to ACG again to help renew their CUP to allow more flexibility for nightlife, live music and alcohol sales. ACG worked with the local Councilmember and neighborhood stakeholders and got the Hard Rock Café everything they were asking for, including a CUP that never needed to be renewed.

Land Use and Development