About This Project


West Hollywood

When the boutique billboard company ACE Outdoor Advertising sought to re-entitle a lucrative billboard on the world-famous Sunset Strip, they retained The Afriat Consulting Group to navigate the complex politics of signage permits in West Hollywood. Over the objections of a notoriously litigious community activist, media controversy and despite a well-funded opposition campaign by a competing billboard company, ACE Outdoor’s billboard was not only approved, but increased in height and size by unanimous City Council vote. A product of the Afriat Consulting Group’s extensive community outreach, and coalition building, West Hollywood residents and the City Council rallied in support of the project, a rarity for a billboard in any municipality. ACG worked closely with Planning Commissioners and City Councilmembers to ensure that the approvals withstood the substantial efforts of the sign’s opponents. With the addition of a creatively-negotiated development agreement, The Afriat Consulting Group crafted a compromise that benefitted ACE Outdoor, the City of West Hollywood and the community, delivering one of the most unique billboards on the Sunset Strip and successfully blocking a referendum to appeal this sign.

“I’ve permitted billboards and outdoor advertising across the Southwest for nearly two decades and I’ve never worked with better advocates than The Afriat Consulting Group. When the chips were stacked against me, they delivered, time and again. They understand how to navigate the most delicate components of politics and process to help their clients achieve their goals. I’d recommend them to anyone looking to be successful in Southern California.”


Andy Bilanzich
Owner and General Manager, Ace Outdoor Advertising

West Hollywood