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Land Use and Development

Crescent Heights, one of the nation’s largest and most prestigious multifamily developers, has relied time and again on the Afriat Consulting Group for lobbying, community outreach and project management. When they purchased a 2.2 acre property on the border between Century City and Beverly Hills, ACG was brought in to help them navigate the politics and community issues in the heart of one of the City’s most anti-development neighborhoods. Working closely with City Councilmember Paul Koretz and the community, the 39-story, 283 luxury unit residential project was approved in an astounding 11 months. ACG worked with community stakeholders and was able to gain the support of all 11 homeowners associations in the area, an unprecedented feat. After expressing concerns about the 483 foot tall project casting shadows onto its property, the influential L.A. Country Club was engaged and ultimately supported the project.


In the midst of a major fight over a subway in Century City, the MTA, the City of Beverly Hills and the Beverly Hills Unified School District all supported the project, despite the fact that the project was immediately adjacent to Beverly Hills High School. The all-union project has been lauded by Councilmember Koretz as the example of “how to do development right.” Ten Thousand remains the only major development project in Century City to not have been subject to appeal, serving as a testament to ACG’s community outreach and advocacy strategies.

“The Afriat Consulting Group is the premier government relations, political consulting, community outreach and media management firm in LA County. They have shepherded the most controversial of projects through the public process and worked with elected officials and community leaders on my behalf on some of the region’s most noteworthy development projects since 1999. They remain part of my inner circle. They are an invaluable asset to any team.”


Bruce Menin
Principal, Crescent Heights

Land Use and Development