About This Project


Governmental & Legislative Advocacy

When the City of West Hollywood put out one of the most competitive cannabis Request for Proposals in the nation, Essence – Nevada’s largest and most successful cannabis business – retained The Afriat Consulting Group to help navigate them through the bidding process. ACG called upon their decades of experience in West Hollywood and assisted Essence with the preparation of a comprehensive strategy and an impressive application which combined Essence’s successful business model with West Hollywood’s history, legacy for social activism and local political dynamics.


As part of the application, ACG assisted Essence with forming a local advisory board that consisted of locally-influential business owners, current and former City commissioners, artists, and others, all of whom are highly respected in West Hollywood. In addition to forming an advisory board, ACG engaged multiple non-profit organizations and established several partnerships for Essence. With over 300 applications submitted in multiple license categories from over 120 applicants, Essence was one of just a handful of applicants that received the “golden suite” by winning licenses in the four most important and profitable license types. It was a remarkable success.

Governmental & Legislative Advocacy