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Land Use and Development

When JMB Realty sought to re-entitle a 1.3 million square foot residential project in Century City as an office and retail project after the decline in the local residential market in the mid-2000s, they called in the Afriat Consulting Group for a second time to help them navigate the highly volatile community and political environment of Century City. The new project proposed a 530 foot tall, 730,000 square foot Class A office tower. The project site, which was the MTA’s selected location for a subway stop on the new Purple Line in Century City, was at the heart of a controversy and the target of extensive opposition lobbying by the City of Beverly Hills, which opposed MTA’s selected subway route.


Weathering a well-funded opposition campaign by a competing property owner in Century City, ACG helped craft a political path forward with the local Councilmember and leaders of community groups, who had a reputation for being some of the most anti-development and litigious activists in the City. ACG guided JMB Realty through five City hearings, helping deliver upwards of 100 project supporters at hearings. The project was approved by a unanimous vote of the LA City Council, and the deal ACG helped craft allowed JMB to retain the original residential approval, in addition to new office approvals, vastly increasing the value of the property.

“Afriat Consulting has helped us navigate the complicated politics and community dynamics of the development process. Aaron and Steve know all the local players and how they operate. With their help we were able to receive approvals for our projects and over the years they have been an invaluable resource to JMB on many fronts.”


Sarah Shaw
Vice President for Development and Operations, JMB Realty

Land Use and Development