The City of Santa Clarita retained The Afriat Consulting Group to lobby all five Los Angeles County Supervisors against a proposed concrete mining facility just outside city limits in unincorporated Los Angeles County. The Afriat Consulting Group delivered a stunning victory when the Board of Supervisors sided with the City of Santa Clarita and voted unanimously to deny approvals for the Cemex concrete mining facility.

A short time later, The Afriat Consulting Group delivered yet another major victory for the City of Santa Clarita when the Los Angeles City Council voted 10-5 against processing an application to annex a proposed 555-acre/5553-home mini-city near Santa Clarita into the City of Los Angeles. The firm worked closely with the area Councilmember to secure the vote, which overturned a green light by the City Council’s Planning & Land Use Management Committee.


The Afriat Consulting Group successfully represented Minnesota-based Smarte Carte, Inc. before Los Angeles World Airports and the City Council. The firm secured the airport agency’s luggage cart concession contract for city airports, including Los Angeles International. We have since successfully represented Smarte Carte in various extension and renewal negotiations.


As a result of The Afriat Consulting Group’s negotiations with decision-makers, the City of Los Angeles awarded MV Transportation the lucrative CityRide contract to transport senior and disabled residents, and portions of the DASH bus service contract. In the City of West Hollywood, the firm worked with city officials to secure the CityRide shuttle service contract and CityLine bus service contract.


With The Afriat Consulting Group on their side, the CBS Outdoor and JCDecaux USA partnership was awarded a lucrative 20-year street furniture and advertising contract by the City of Los Angeles in 2002. The contract, which would include bus shelters, self-cleaning public toilets and advertising displays, is expected to generate as much as 900€ million in revenues over its 20-year lifespan. Of that amount, $150 million is guaranteed to the city.

Following this success, the West Hollywood City Council awarded CBS Outdoor and JCDecaux the city’s bus shelter advertising and maintenance contract. Subsequently, CBS Outdoor again retained The Afriat Consulting Group for assistance in securing advertising contracts from LA Metro for bus and rail service, together worth more than $134 million. With many of the Metro Board Members conflicted out and others out of town, the firm worked carefully to arrange the vote, securing the unanimous approval of the Metro Board of Directors for both contracts to be awarded to CBS Outdoor.


The Afriat Consulting Group secured Los Angeles County’s controversial GAIN welfare-to-work contract for Maximus following intense negotiations aimed at salvaging the bid to outsource a portion of county services. A short while later, with the help of The Afriat Consulting Group, Maximus secured the Los Angeles United School District’s $40 million Integrated Student Information Systems contract to develop and implement a comprehensive new computer system.


Adult entertainment establishments in the City of Los Angeles retained The Afriat Consulting Group to fight an ordinance by the City Council establishing a 6-foot rule separating patrons from entertainers. The intention was to close the businesses. Known for its willingness to go to great lengths on behalf of clients, the firm coordinated an aggressive signature-gathering effort and collected nearly twice the number required for a referendum. The Council was left with no other choice than to repeal the ordinance in order to avoid a costly election.


When the Kiewit Pacific and JF Shea partnership was pursuing the LA Metro Red Line subway tunnel and station construction contracts, they came to The Afriat Consulting Group. Following an arduous procurement process, the Metro Board of Directors, made up largely of elected officials, not only awarded the partnership the tunnel construction contract but also two subway station contracts for Sunset / Vermont and for Hollywood / Western.


When Hilton Hotels approached the City of Los Angeles about building a hotel in a manufacturing zone, they retained The Afriat Consulting Group to assist them in obtaining the Conditional Use Permit. But with rival Marriott lobbying City Hall and the community against the project, the firm had its hands full. It immediately began negotiating with decision-makers, managing the entitlement process and reaching out to the community. The hotel was approved by the Council, vetoed by then-Mayor Tom Bradley and ultimately approved in a stunning veto override of 13-2.


The new Red Building completes Cesar Pelli’s decades-long vision for the Pacific Design Center, which itself underwent a $30 million renovation that The Afriat Consulting Group spearheaded. With its landmark architecture and cutting edge design, the new Red Building consists of 400,000 square feet of Class “A” office space in two towers situated atop six levels of parking. It was approved unanimously by the West Hollywood Planning Commission and City Council and with no neighborhood opposition, due in great part to the firm’s advance planning and outreach.


Comprised of 14 lots located adjacent to the 110 Harbor Freeway in Downtown Los Angeles between 8th Street and James M. Wood Boulevard, the Metropolis is a mixed use project of the IDS Real Estate Group. It consists of 3.2 million square feet of residential, office, hotel and retail uses in four high-rises. The Afriat Consulting Group worked diligently to secure the full backing of the local City Councilmember for this landmark project. Then, with the support of the Councilmember in hand, the firm secured approvals from the City of Los Angeles Community Redevelopment Agency, the City Council’s Housing, Community & Economic Development Committee and the full Los Angeles City Council.


This new hotel was approved overwhelming by the West Hollywood Planning Commission and City Council and with minimal neighborhood opposition. The 200-room hotel is expected to generate over $3 million in new revenues to the City. It features an open air courtyard, an onsite valet operation, two world-class restaurants, banquet facilities, a private screening room, a fitness center, a spa as well as a pool with breathtaking views of the Los Angeles basin.


In the City of Los Angeles, The Afriat Consulting Group obtained the first ever hardship exemption to the city’s mini-mall ordinance. The firm has also successfully entitled numerous other supermarkets all across the Greater Los Angeles area on behalf of Jons Markets. We have been intimately involved with all aspects of the entitlement process, from negotiating with decision-makers to obtaining entitlements and expediting building permits.


When Technicolor wanted to relocate its offices to Sunset Gower Studios located on Sunset Boulevard in the heart of Hollywood, The Afriat Consulting Group was retained to expedite the entitlement process and obtain the city’s approval. Having secured the backing of the local Councilmember, the firm worked closely with Planning staff and decision makers to expedite the approvals. The entire approval process took a mere six months.


JMB Realty retained The Afriat Consulting Group to assist in the approvals of a new high-rise office tower in Century City. The local Councilmember opposed the project, which would typically mean that the project is dead on arrival. Not one to back away from a challenge, The Afriat Consulting Group immediately began lobbying the remaining fourteen City Councilmembers to support the project over the objections of the local Councilmember. The project was ultimately approved by an impressive majority of the City Council.


A joint public-private venture, Chesterfield Square, the first commercial project in South Los Angeles following the 1992 civil unrest, was approved unanimously by the City of Los Angeles Community Redevelopment Agency and the Los Angeles City Council, thanks in great part to the efforts of The Afriat Consulting Group. The project, which was a partnership of Katell Properties and Capital Vision Equities on the private side, featured a Home Depot store among other retail and resulted in over 2000 jobs being created for the nearby communities.


Steven Afriat became the consultant of choice for Los Angeles officials in 1995 following then-Mayor Richard Riordan enlisting Afriat to serve as Campaign Director for the historic Yes on Charter Amendments 1-8 campaign. Afriat was assigned the responsibility of organizing a coalition which worked closely with the Mayor. He handled intricate communications with members of the diverse coalition, which included a great majority of the City Council, Democratic and Republican organizations, and business, labor and community leaders. Afriat enlisted support from across the societal spectrum without ever raising the specter of opposition. All eight amendments were approved by an overwhelming majority of voters on Election Day.


Following the announcement of a well-funded, labor-backed opponent, The Afriat Consulting Group was retained to assist in the final re-election of Supervisor (and former Member of Congress) Yvonne Brathwaite Burke. Despite sustained attacks against the Supervisor, The Afriat Consulting Group’s carefully orchestrated campaign ensured a landslide victory for the Supervisor. Once all the ballots were counted, the Supervisor’s opponent and his backers were handed a stunning defeat, with more than 80 percent of voters backing Burke for re-election to the Board of Supervisors.


In 2001, The Afriat Consulting Group managed the successful campaign of then-Councilmember Laura Chick for Los Angeles City Controller. Chick was vying to replace outgoing Controller Rick Tuttle. The firm’s campaign strategy proved successful on Election Day, securing more than 60 percent of the vote during the primary despite then-Mayor Richard Riordan’s active support of another candidate. Chick was able to avoid a costly runoff election and was sworn into office right away, marking the first time a non-incumbent had been elected during the primary to citywide office. Chick also became the first female citywide elected official in the city’s more than 200-year history.


In 1999, The Afriat Consulting Group managed the successful re-election of then-West Hollywood Mayor Sal Guarriello. Four years later, the firm again managed Guarriello’s re-election to the City Council. This time, however, he was not expected to prevail. Of the three open seats, one was to go to a popular colleague who was also up for re-election, and another to a former colleague who was returning to the City Council and was expected to win by a landslide. Guarriello was left vying for the last of the three open seats on the City Council along with another colleague, who many expected to beat Guarriello. The Afriat Consulting Group sprung into action, enlisting support from community leaders, organizations and elected officials. The firm also orchestrated an aggressive targeted mail campaign as well as phone banks and a grassroots effort. Despite continued attacks, Guarriello prevailed and his colleague did not, marking the first time an incumbent had lost re-election in West Hollywood. In 2007, Guarriello yet was not expected to win re-election. But with The Afriat Consulting Group managing his campaign, Guarriello overcame a much fiercer race than the previous. And each time, Guarriello was re-elected with an increasing margin of victory.


In 2001, top city officials in Los Angeles called upon The Afriat Consulting Group to ensure the passage of Proposition F for $517 million in Fire and Animal Services bonds. At the city’s animal shelters, pets were being euthanized at alarming rates due to overcrowding. Outdated fire stations required significant upgrades and some complete replacement, posing a public safety hazard. Afriat, formerly President of the Los Angeles City Animal Regulation Commission, spearheaded an aggressive campaign which proved successful on Election Day. The measure was approved by 71% of voters, the highest margin of approval for any bonds in the city’s history.

Then, after two failed attempts by others to garner the required two-thirds majority vote for a second set of infrastructure bonds, the firm was tasked with the passage of Proposition Q for $600 million in Police and Fire bonds. Without it, police officers were forced to convert janitors’ closets into makeshift offices due to a severe lack of space. And at fire stations across the city, additional repairs were still desperately needed. The City was also short on space at its inmate holding facilities and in need of a new metropolitan jail. So once again, the firm sprung into action and orchestrated an aggressive campaign to ensure victory on Election Day. Proposition Q was finally approved by a two-thirds citywide majority.