Governmental Advocacy

Because of our familiarity with the halls of government, The Afriat Consulting Group provides superior representation for projects and measures that make their way through the legislative process. As well, because we have provided political consulting services to many who shape and influence public policy, we are able to understand and address their concerns.

  • Issue Advocacy
  • Legislative Liaison
  • Lobbying
  • Public Affairs
  • Crisis Management
  • Media Liaison

Political Consulting

The Afriat Consulting Group got its start in political consulting. From Los Angeles City Hall to the State and US Capitols, we have played crucial roles in the elections of Councilmembers, Legislators and Members of Congress as well as gaining approvals of numerous ballot measures. However, our victories are not confined to Election Day. Every year, we counsel elected officials with sophisticated fundraising, political and media strategy.

  • Campaign Consulting
  • Fundraising
  • Public Relations
  • Targeted Mail Programs
  • Media Relations

Land Use Entitlements

As a full-service firm, we represent projects through every step of the approval process, from application preparation and community outreach to representation before governmental agencies. Our professional staff is comprised of trained land use planners who regularly interact with local governments and understand the intricacies of the development process.

  • Zoning Pre-Development Analysis
  • Entitlement Management & Expediting
  • Environmental Assessment Forms
  • Community Outreach & Meetings
  • Client Representation at Hearings
  • Conditions of Approval Clearance

Community Relations

Increasingly, community activists are wielding more power with local officials. Surrounding neighborhoods must be educated on the merits of a project so that there is public support. Those who neglect to do so are often confronted with red tape, public opposition and project failure. Because of our extensive experience in running local campaigns and comprehensive understanding of land use, we have the expertise necessary to rally public support.

  • Neighborhood Councils
  • Meetings with Community Leaders
  • Public Outreach & Education
  • Coalition Building
  • Targeted Mail Campaigns
  • Media & Community Focused Advertising
  • Project Newsletters
  • Petition Circulation & Signature Gathering

Services To Municipalities

Having represented municipalities and governmental agencies on a variety of issues, The Afriat Consulting Group understands the high level of communication and follow-through necessary in order to successfully guide projects to completion.

  • Lobby Governmental Agencies
  • Legislative Advocacy
  • Coalition Building
  • Press Relations
  • Community Outreach
  • Campaign Consulting for Ballot Initiatives & Bond Measures
  • Annexations & Spheres

Crisis Management

Because crises can mushroom and devastate a project, we offer clients the ability to implement a comprehensive public relations and media plan to sway public opinion. This would also include interaction with elected officials and community leaders.

  • Media Relations
  • Direct Mail